Pick the right college.  Cut through the competition.  And get your kid into a school that won't break the bank.


Find the right colleges for your kid that won't send you to the poor house.

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​​Getting your kid into a great college --
​and paying that always-increasing college bill --
​is not as easy as it was 20-30 years ago.

​​The competition for good colleges is stiffer (500,000 more students apply to college today and universities receive up to ​97,000+ applications).

And the cost?  It's nearly tripled.  The average cost for the majority of 4-year colleges has crossed the $200,000 mark.

Too many families find themselves shocked by a rejection letter.  And they're even more shocked by the bill!  Especially when they thought they'd done such thorough research.

Don't be one of them!

Download your ​FREE Scholarship Starter Kit and get your student into a great college that will pay more of your tuition bill.

At Smart Plan For College we help you:

  • ​Fi​nd the perfect college choice for your student.
  • ​Show you how to outshine​ the competition
  • ​Give your kid the very best chance at being admitted.
  • And help you keep more of your hard-earned money in the bank... instead of shoveling it out to a college.

What's Our Track Record?​

For over 15 years, 97% of our clients ​are accepted to one or more of their top choice colleges and ​receive, on average, 28% more scholarship money than the typical student receives in their financial aid package, as reported by College Board.  Just last year...​ ​

  • ​100% of our Elite Admissions & Aid clients were accepted at 92% of the colleges to which they applied. (That's much higher than the national acceptance rate of 68% reported by College Board)
  • And they received an average of $303,000 in scholarship offers - per student -- from the colleges...​ no private scholarship sources.

The right college, for all the right reasons.... at the right price.

Let us help you and your student lock in the best college at a tuition that won't break the bank.

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​I Got Answers I Needed...My Daughter Got The College She Deserved...

​I just wanted to let you know because we just got the news... Elizabeth was accepted at her top-choice school with a merit scholarship of $28,000 per year, guaranteed for four years!  That's $112,000 that stays with us instead of shoveling it out to the college!  Thank you for all of your help.  Your insight made this exhausting process a whole lot less stressful..

​Deb Sheffield  //  ​Parent                                                                                ​More success stories ​>>>>

​Attending his top-choice school and saving $102,900...

When we started the college search in our son’s junior year, we honestly thought he’d be at the local state university because it would be our cheapest option. Small problem, our son Michael did NOT like the local state universities. And we had to agree we did not feel they were good fits for him.  

But, we were panicking at the thought of paying $53,000  to $58,000 per year at the colleges he did like.  We knew we needed to tip the scales back in our favor -- but we both work and ​didn't have time to make heads or tails of the tons of information out there.  So we hired Jean and ​her team.  

The end result?  Michael was accepted ​at all of the colleges he applied to.  And his four top scholarship offers were worth over $551,200 over four years!  Michael is ​thriving at his dream college and we are happily saving over $102,​900 on the cost of his college education.

​The Kappert Family  //  ​Howard County, MD                     More success stories >>>

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